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Connect with others who understand your struggles as a Primary Caregiver for a Senior. Each month, we will meet at one of the coolest Breweries, Wineries, or Coffee Shops in town, for an informal support group.  Come and relax, share your stories, receive expert guidance, and find a better way to cope with this difficult time.

Whatever you wish to eat or drink is your only cost. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you plan to order something. This way everyone will have their food or drink and the meeting can begin on time promptly at 3pm. We look forward to seeing you there! 

   You must be 21 to attend. Drink responsibly.

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This Month's Speaker, Topic, & Info

June 25, 2017


Speaker: Cloteal Thrower Herron

Teal Group

Principal Consultant and CEO



Discussion Topic:  

"The "G" FactorDealing with issues of Caregiver Guilt"


19 Handles Pub & Grill

4235 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95864

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm


This month, meet us back at the fantastic local spot called 19 Handles Pub & Grill. If you haven't tried their crispy schnitzel, juicy burgers, and long list of thirst quenching beers, you've been missing out. This is the perfect spot. Come and relax, share your stories, receive expert guidance, and find a better way to cope with this difficult time.

This month’s Topic:  "The "G" Factor: Dealing with issues of Caregiver Guilt"

Why? Who isn't dealing with some form of guilt while caring for their senior loved-one? I think most are. Whether it be it feeling the guilt of not having enough time for them, having to potentially place them, not having enough funds for care, or that your efforts to care for them are not enough, each of us has it. The "G" Factor is a tough thing the handle. Why do we feel guilty and how do we stop those feelings?

Each month one professional from our senior care network will be invited to attend to provide guidance in the area of their expertise. This month our speakers will be one of our own members, Cloteal Thrower Herron of the Teal Group and  Jaynie Guarnieri of (

Cloteal Thrower Herron is a "community champion,” Educator, Family Life Coach, and co-Author of “Our Black Fathers: the Brave, the Bold and Beautiful.”  She is the Principal Consultant and CEO of the TEAL Group (Train. Empower. Advocate. Link). Ms. Cloteal is committed to work with families to develop effective strategies to help guide and motivate them to gain critical coaching skills and resources needed to lead healthy and productive lives. She has personally witnessed the frustration and devastation many families and care providers experience in managing themselves, while taking care of family and loved-ones. Ms. Teal does not believe there is a “one-size-fits-all,” approach when developing key strategies to promote values, healthy relationships, advocacy and life-long learning. Ms. Teal’s personal motto is “If you’re not working on yourself; then you’re not working!”

Teal and Jaynie will tag team a discussion about the dealing with the "G" factor when it comes to caregiving.

With more than 20 years in Elder Care, as a Certified Memory Impaired Specialist, an Administrator with the California Department of Social Services, and as a Geriatric Care Manager, Jaynie has the answers. 

Whether it is explaining why it is so important to have a Durable Power of Attorney, to the hardest decisions about hospice…she can help guide you through the maze of Medicare guidelines. She can help you formulate a plan regarding Your care and how You want things handled. You can feel comfortable knowing you can share your experience with Experts in Senior Care and other primary caregivers who going through a similar journey.

Don’t forget, the 2nd half of the meeting will be the general discussion surrounding any problems or questions you might have on your journey as a primary caregiver to a senior. 

Come and relax, share your stories, receive expert guidance, and find a better way to cope with this difficult time. Your only cost is whatever you choose to eat or drink. 

Don't forget to RSVP below and to bring a friend!  We look forward to seeing you there!




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