7 Habits #2 – They Enlist Help.

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The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Caregiver Series

#2 They Enlist Help.

Once you have had the discussion with your loved ones, you should put together a team. This could (and should) include family (siblings and extended family), friends, neighbors, medical professionals, non-medical professionals, and support groups. If you don’t have family, move to the other list.

Set up a meeting with each family member and anyone you consider a ‘future team member’ for care needs when the time comes. Let them know what the outcome of your meeting with your loved-one was. Tell them you are pre-planning because you don’t want to meet a crisis unprepared.

Tell them you can’t do this alone! Tell them you will expect help and want to figure out how all the pieces of this puzzle will fit together. Get a commitment from each, being sure that you don’t take the lions share. This process is set to help prevent caregiver burn out for you.

Again, call us we can help with this step.

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