7 Habits Series #6 – They Listen to Cues.

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The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Caregiver Series

#6 They Listen to Cues

This sounds simple, but isn’t always for some caregivers. When we are in caregiving mode, we seem to look for the easiest way to get something done. When we do this, we stop listening to the senior, we don’t wait for their cues and we move too fast, which can confuse them.

So, a good caregiver will listen to their senior, wait for the cues, and slow down. The senior won’t move as fast as you, and you want to be respectful of this and allow them the time they need to process what you need them to do. From dressing to bathing to eating, don’t be in a rush, let them participate in their own time. This will give you peace and show them respect.

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