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jaynie is a compassionate professional who cares about seniors. She has 20+ years of experience helping families and their senior loved-ones navigate through the maze of senior care options.

jaynie has helped thousands of families develop care plans and has guided them through executing their personalized plan-of-action before and during a crisis.

jaynie uses her knowledge of the industry to provide information on the best options for care based on the seniors individual care needs.

jaynie acts as a senior advocate insuring all seniors know their rights according to Medicare guidelines.

jaynie takes the stress out of caring for a senior loved-one. Why do all the footwork on your own when you could be spending your time being the spouse, child, or friend, instead of being a burned-out caregiver? Just askjaynie.




askjaynie works with families and their senior loved-ones to develop an effective care plan. We provide education about senior care options, and offer guidance to help families execute their personalized care plan. We act as advocates for seniors and their families when they get the run around. Know your rights. Have someone on your side who knows Medicare guidelines.




In an ideal world, families would contact askjaynie for help with developing a care plan that can be executed in case of emergency. But, most find themselves calling askjaynie when their senior loved-one is in the hospital or find themselves unable to live alone without professional help in the middle of a crisis. Don't wait until a crisis is happening. Call us now.






askjaynie offices are located in Citrus Heights, CA however, our team is able to assist families and their senior loved-ones throughout the state, and the nation. Anyone from any location is free to call, e-mail, or follow us on any of our social media accounts for help. Find us under askjaynie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.




askjaynie enjoys working with Seniors 50+ and their families, who need assistance with: 

* Navigating the Senior Care System              

* Senior Advocacy 

* Activities of Daily Living                             

* Placement for Seniors at-risk living alone

* VA Benefits Screening                                  


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