Board and Care

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Care Options Series Continued…

Board and Cares

Board and Care Residential homes are privately owned homes, licensed to provide assistance with all activities of daily living (ADL’s), cooking, bathing, dressing walking medication management, and much more. These home settings give the highest level of care, with the best care ratios in the business.

When do people need Board and Care?

When it has been identified that the senior cannot do these activities of daily living any longer at home, or when they lived in Assisted Living and became a higher level of care, this is a great option.

Where are they?

They are all over, but you want to make sure to work with a Geriatric Care Management agency to help find the ‘right’ fit for the senior’s needs and likes. They are not all alike.

Who pays for this?

This option again is all privately funded. Medicare does not pay for it. Some Longterm care insurance policies cover these facilities as well.

The costs range from $2000 to $4500 per month depending upon care needs.


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