Discharge Appeals

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Not ready for dad to be discharged

Dear jaynie,

I’m so upset. My father is in a skilled nursing facility and is set to be discharged within the next few days. I really don’t feel like he is healthy enough to go home yet. I feel like this is happening way to soon and I’m worried about how I will take care of him in this state if I have to take him home already. HELP!

– Anxious Daughter


Dear Anxious Daughter,

I’m so sorry to hear about what you and your father are going through. Unfortunately, this is a situation we hear quite frequently.

askjaynie does help guide our clients through this sort of dilemma by being their advocate to help communicate with the hospitals, rehab facilities, etc.

Here is what you need to know.

There is an appeals process where a senior can stop a discharge from a hospital setting or rehab facility. If you feel that your loved one, or the senior themselves feel they are not “Medically stable” enough to leave a facility, they have a right to appeal the discharge. This will give the senior 72 hours in the facility while Medicare reviews their chart to determine whether or not they should proceed to the next level of care. There is NO financial obligation to the senior or the family when they file an appeal.

Again, we can answer any questions and help make the process smoother if you wish to reach out to our team. I hope this helps.

– askjaynie.com

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