Dragas Brewing Support Group

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We know! We know! We have the coolest Primary Caregiver to Seniors Support Group on the planet. Who else has a group that moves around each month to hang out and support each other at a different winery, brewery, or coffee shop each month? It’s so fun and informative. We are having a good time and would love for you to join us.

Yesterday was a @Dragasbrewing in Rocklin. The place was amazing and the crew was so great to us. The day was alive there with our group and a @paintnite group. So fun! The beer flights were delicious.

So, now that it’s over, where should we go for March? Any suggestions? Don’t forget to follow us on Meetup.com, on any of our social media sites, or at askjaynie.com to insure you are getting the updates for our groups and other events.

– askjaynie.com

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