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Why have a Geriatric Care Manager?

Why have a Geriatric Care Manager on your team? During a medical crisis, it is difficult to piece together the puzzle of needs, services, and options while enduring a difficult and emotional time. You may need minimal non medical in home assistance for a short time you ongoing for the rest of life.

You may need to move to the community for custodial care. Custodial care is help with activities of daily living as described below. A GCM can help with these decisions and much more…

Custodial care is provided for in many ways. This can be done in the home with Non Medical Personal Care providers, in an Assisted living situation either a large appartment like building or a smaller board and care home. These are called R.C.F.E.’s Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. Whether large or small they all fall under the Title 22 Guidelines for RCFE. Lastly there is the Skilled Nursing Convalescence Home where you live in a hospital setting. It is ‘YOUR CHOICE’ where you decide to have custodial care.

What Your GCM will do for you:

  • Your Moonlite GCM coordinates critical communication between you and medical professionals to insure continuity of care.
  • Your Moonlite GCM advocates for you to insure prevention of unnecessary hospitalization, duplication of services, and inappropriate placements.
  • Your Moonlite GCM insures your entire process is handled with quality control as set forth by the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers (N.A.P.G.A.M.) Standards of Practice and Pledge of Ethics.
  • Your Moonlite GCM will work with you to develop a Personalized Care Plan and assist with putting that plan into action.
  • Your Moonlite GCM will follow your families’ case all the way through end of life insuring the quality of care and personal needs are met according to current level of needs.
  • Your Moonlite GCM will work to insure quality of life and maximum potential for the senior to maintain independence and safety.


Moonlite Geriatric Care Management