July 26th Support Group at Stirling Bridges Pub

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Our 1st Primary Caregiver for a Senior Support Group was really wonderful. “WINE about your Aging Parents, BREW up a Better Care Plan” is the name of the group. Why? Because, it’s not your average support group. On the last Sunday of each month, we meet at a fun winery, brewery or coffee shop as our group location.

We host a great speaker tht is extremely experienced about some important aspect of senior care. Then, we chat and share experiences and ideas to help one another through the difficulties of caring for a senior. askjaynie is there to bring her expertise to the table to really be able to answer those questions on the spot.

Great group. Great time. Great information.

Our first location was at @StirlingBridges in Carmichael California. Perfect location, really cool pub, great food, and the staff was wonderful to us. Check them out.

Our first speaker was Mr. Lyle Cunningham. The information he shared on Medicare and Longterm Care was very eye-opening.


Hope to see you all the last Sunday in August! Stay tuned for details. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, askjaynie.com and Meetup.com. LIKE or joing us on one of those to make sure you get our updates.

– askjaynie.com

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