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We work as a team… Our vision is that each person involved with askjaynie will be considered and treated with the care and respect of a family member. In this way, we hope to develop and communicate that same attitude professionally, to our clients. Each client, family and case is handled by our trained Geriatric Care Managers, in a personal and individualized manner.



askjaynie---JAYNIEGrayscaleJaynie Guarnieri Dame (Owner, GCM)

With more than 20 years in elder care, as a Certified Memory Impaired Specialist, an Administrator with the California Department of Social Services, and a Geriatric Care Manager, Jaynie is here to help.  Whether it is explaining why it is so important to have a Durable Power of Attorney, to the hardest decisions about hospice...she can help guide you through the maze of Medicare guidelines, help you formulate a plan regarding Your care and how You want things handled.   Jaynie is trained to perform the Reality Comprehension Clock Test (RCCT-Barbara Brock) for people suffering with various stages of dementia, and with the knowledge obtained from this test, can better develop a care plan for the safety of that particular person.




askjaynie---JULIANAGrayscaleJuliana M. Isaac (Director of Business Development)

Juliana comes to with 12 years in the non-profit field as a key team member of the Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose), the Greater Sacramento Area Alzheimer’s Association and the Make-Wish Foundation. She recently returned from two years of service with the Peace Corps, serving as a Community Economic Development volunteer in the South American country of Suriname. Upon her return she dove into the field of Graphic Design & Social Media Management bringing to life the newly branded offline and online presence that is now She recently founded her own Social Media Management and Design company called Dinkelbach Design. We are proud to have someone with such wonderful experience and knowledge of the senior industry as part of the askjaynie team.




askjaynie---MARIONGrayscaleMarion L. Isaac (Care Coordinator)

Marion was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to the states as a new mother of two and wife to a U.S. soldier. She had a wonderful opportunity to travel abroad and throughout the states. Her experience is well-rounded as she is a retired officer from the California Department of Corrections that later retrained as a chef in the Lederwolff Culinary Academy in Sacramento. Marion is passionate about serving her community which led her to give back by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, the Alzheimer's Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. John's Shelter for women and Children, and the Sacramento County Library. Her interests are vast and her spirit is that of one still excited about people and the world. She brings a great energy to the clients of sharing her vast array of interests during one-on-one visits with our seniors. Companionship, activities, and extra special interaction is what our loved ones need to insure they maintain a quality of life in their later years and these are great qualities Marion brings to our team. She loves traveling, reading, music, movies, photography, hiking, dancing, and making new friends. She enjoys developing authentic relationships with our seniors just as much as they enjoy the time she spends with them. 





Medina Van Alstyne, (Community Liaison)

Medina K. Van Alstyne is a Life Enrichment Care Coordinator, Certified Behavioral Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and RCFE Administrator. She graduated from The California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in 2010. She began her career in Healthcare as a Psych-Tech at Coffeyville Memorial Hospital Medical Center in Coffeyville, Kansas, in 1980.  Medina has continued serving in healthcare, specializing in geriatrics ever since, by providing quality services in the activities field for skilled nursing facilities over the past 10 plus years, here in the Sacramento Valley.

She has served as a volunteer with the Alzheimer's Association. Her personal and primary focus of her work is quality of life for the senior population in Sacramento. Her life experience has taught her how important and sacred each individual’s life story is, and that it should be honored and valued more in our society. This is why she has dedicated her life to help enrich the lives of others through listening, coaching, self-expression, and support. Medina enjoys working with seniors, families, and the community to establish solid and meaningful, long-term relationships.

In Memory of

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Our work at is dedicated to the memory of the loving parents of Jaynie Guarneri Dame,

as well as our many clients who have passed away, our clients we are still caring for,

and those who will come into our lives in the future.

Let us all "BE THE CHANGE" we wish to see in the world for our seniors.


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