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Our Seniors have given us LOVE, passed down TRADITIONS, shown us SUPPORT, and helped mold the world in which we live today. Let's thank them and let them know we still value all they have brought to our lives. Please join us as we begin this movement to improve the quality of life for our senior community. It's really quite simple. With a small Random act of Kindness, you can be a part of making a difference for a senior.

Your Random Act of Kindness can be anything from delivering flowers to spending a little time chatting and developing a friendship. It's really up to you. Those things may seem small, but to many seniors, they might make all the difference. Follow the steps below to participate in our challenge. Once you have completed your Random Act of Kindness, please share your story and any photos with us so we can share them with the world via our many social media outlets. Let's flood the senior world with kindness and positive stories together.



 Do a Random Act of Kindness for a Senior.



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