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When it comes to placement and guiding our clients through the maze of senior care, we do it differently. Our clients will never be expected to search or navigate care options on their own. Our Placement Program looks like this:

1. We do a full medical history and abilities in-take of the client.

2. We will then, when possible, do an in-person assessment to verify their actual level of care.

3. We work with the family as a supportive member of their team to guide them to the quality resources they are looking for.

4. We do all the research for care home options, finding all that meet the criteria the senior and family have set in place.

5. We personally tour (when possible) the family through all care homes that we determine are a good match for their individual needs.

6. We provide the client’s medical team with a thorough and complete 602 physician’s report, ready to reviewed modified if need be, and signed by the attending physician, per Title 22 guidelines. 

7. We insure all required documents are completed and submitted to the care home prior to the move-in date.

8. We stay with the family through end of life as part if their team, to advise them in case there are further needs,  that may come up. We are a full service support team.



Our goal is to make the discharge process easier for you and the family. We act as a liaison between the two to insure a smooth transition on both ends.

Please contact us for:

* Marketing Materials to distribute to patients.

* To refer or discuss potential referrals.

* To schedule an In-Service to learn more about the askjaynie team and how we can work together. 



Our goal is to make the placement process in your community pleasant for your team and your future resident. We remain part of the families team through end of life and are there to assist with any commuication issues that can sometimes occur.

Please contact us for:

* A Placement Contract.

* For guidance on how to host an optimal tour.

* For assistance with staging your care home to create the look and feel that is welcoming to our clients.




Our goal is to have a collection of the BEST CARE OPTIONS that we can provide to our clients. Be it Home Health, Hospice, Non-Medical In-Home Care, DME, Elder Law Attorney, Insurance Services, Non-Profit programs, and more.

Please contact us to:

* Provide us your group’s information.

* Book your key team member to speak about your services at one of our upcoming primary caregiver support group meetings.

* Schedule a meeting about how we can collaborate.



For more information simply e-mail us today!

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