Respite Care

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Care Option Series continued…

Today’s focus:

Short Term Care Option – Respite Care

Respite Care is care provided to a person whether at home (In Home Care) or in a community based facility, to assist the person with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), until they are able to do things without assistance.

When do you need respite care?

If a senior is just, not ‘up to par’, with doing daily activities, such as showering cooking, cleaning, etc., without someone there to help, they may need this. Maybe they just got out of the hospital or skilled nursing (SNF) and they just need a little help until then. This can help.

Where do I find In Home Care or a facility to take care of my senior short term?

A Geriatric Care Manager can help guide you to these agencies, and facilities. Sometimes the hospitals have a list, but it is better to work with someone like a Geriatric Care Manager who can answer questions along the way.

Who pays for this?

It is not covered by Medicare. It is privately funded. Sometimes Long Term Care Insurance policies pay for this type of care, but not often.

Respite care is also known as a time for a rest/break for the caregiver. They can feel rest assured their senior loved-one is being cared for by trained caregiving staff while they get a break. For example, if the caregiver wants to take a vacation or just needs a few days break, they might seek out Respite Care.


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