Searching for a home for my dad

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Dear jaynie,

I’ve been searching around for the perfect home that will provide care for my dad. I’m confused about all the options and feel very alone in this. The search is overwhelming. How do I know what to look for to make sure I am choosing a good place?

– Anonymous Caregiver

Dear AC,

With the internet, most people think they can just go on line and ‘find’ a place. That in essence is true, but there are so many factors involved when searching for a home for our loved ones. A good place to start is to get in touch with an agency that has an office in your home town.

First and foremost, you should not be doing this on your own. I would not recommend a large nation-wide agency, as they are not familiar with your local homes and have no idea what type of care is given in those homes. A local agency who frequents the facilities is much better. Plus, you have a name and face to work with, a real person.

Trying to find a home for your dad alone will be very frustrating, and may end in disaster. You may find a home during a crisis which might not be the ‘right fit’ for him, and then you are back to square one. Questions need to be answered first. Things like; is your dad alert and oriented, can he walk with or without a walker, is he able to dress himself, can he stand and sit without assistance, these are all very important when searching for the right home, a good home. You will want to know what the population in the home is like so that there is a quality of life open to him.

My suggestion is to find a Geriatric Specialist or Geriatric Care Manager, who is educated in this field. There are many agencies out there, interview a couple. Find out what they are willing to do for YOU, and your dad. They should be able to explain what the homes will and will not do, the pricing, the population of the homes they recommend to you, i.e. can they communicate with your dad or will he ‘be alone’ in his new home. What ‘I’ do is explained on my web site. We do things a bit differently though. We won’t ever place a person without first doing an assessment. We want to see for ourselves who this senior is, in this way we can make the best recommendations for you and your loved one…then we go with you to tour the facilities. We also ensure that all required paperwork is completed so that the transition is smooth.

For more information please check out our web site (see above) or give us a call. This can be a wonderful rewarding time filled with excitement and adventure for your dad, if it is done right and if you include him in the process. Hope this helps.


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