Short Term Care or Longterm Care?

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Short Term Care or Longterm Care…

What does my aging loved-one need?

Dear jaynie,

My family and I are trying to make decisions about our aging parents and are just wondering what type of care options are out there for them? We are just beginning our search and are mostly clueless. We have no idea where to start or if we can even afford what might be needed. Can you help?

– So Stressed Out

Dear So Stressed Out,

Of course I can help. That’s my job and I love it. I would probably need to now a lot more about your parent’s medical condition and care needs, but I can certainly provide the general answers that will easily break down the different types of care that are out there. This sounds like a good series to cover this week, so I’l do just that. Stay tuned each day and I’ll cover all the different types of care. It can difficult to distinguish the different types of care available. When would someone needs certain care, your first thoughts are, how do I access that care, who pays for it, and lastly how much will it cost? So, let’s get to it and answer those very questions. Stay tuned for today’s post to cover the first one, which will be Skilled nursing.


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