The “Credit Card Decline” Syndrome

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Ten Signs It’s time for your aging loved one to be evaluated for additional care needs.

#6 – The “Credit Card Declined” Syndrome

In the “Nesting” Syndrome, I spoke of bills and making sure they are paid. But you might skip the “Nesting” Syndrome and be out with mom or dad and have then offer to pay for dinner, or buy something for you, and ooops their credit card is declined. They stumble and try to figure out WHY and say something like I have a $9000 credit limit how can they decline me?

Well, this could be partially what I briefly touched upon before. It could mean that bills are unpaid and that a volcano is about to erupt. They might just be on the verge of having everything shut down or off.

I would suggest you calmly offer to help, to make that long phone call to the credit card company with them next to you. Tell them they can give permission to speak to you, while you sit there with them. Build trust with mom or dad, and allow them to help you help them.

Once it is worked out, you will need to offer to help with other bills too. It is really very easy and most seniors appreciate the help. I know my mom did. But again it’s time for a care plan.

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