The “Cruisin for a Bruisin” Syndrome

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Ten Signs It’s time for your aging loved one to be evaluated for additional care needs.

#8 – The “Cruisin for a Bruisin” Syndrome
Okay, so have you noticed bruises on mom or dads arms or legs, possibly even on the face or neck? Well, this could be a bad sign. Yes, skin breakdown does happen when we age. We could bump into a cupboard door or a drawer and bruise easily. But sometimes, our seniors are doing more than that. Sometimes they are falling, and miraculously getting up, and guess what, they don’t want us to know.

I keep going back to my mama, well she was a real education for me. Everything I talk about I have gone through with her at one time or another. The falling is something that really is scary we hope they will recover and only have bruising From. But, a fall for a senior can and sometimes does mean the beginning of the end. Especially if they break a hip, Oh my that is awful. So things you want to look for are bruising, Band-Aids covering injuries, scabs from cuts which could mean they fell and cut themselves. This is critical to a diabetic, infection can set in and a myriad of other things could happen. So you want to see your loved one at least once a week to keep up on this type of investigation.

They sometimes fall and cannot remember what they were doing or why they fell. Here-in lies the problem. Is it a rug, or spilled water on the floor, did they slip? Or are they having mini strokes as in my mama’s case? Look at everything and once again, get an evaluation of everything that could have happened.

The best thing to do is let your loved one know you want to make sure they are safe, and you want to help them stay independent for as long as possible. Tell them you want to bring in a professional to evaluate their situation and bring suggestions to keep them at home as long as possible. This will open the door to trust.


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