The “Full of Excuses” Syndrome

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Ten Signs It’s time for your aging loved one to be evaluated for additional care needs.

#6 -The “Full of Excuses” Syndrome

This is a real threshold when it comes to our parents. It is something I really never expected. My mom used to love to go out, for lunch, shopping, travel just about anywhere, and she loved to drive there.

I recall my clients telling me how their parents never went anywhere. They had to ‘bring’ the world to them. I used to suggest they just show up and say come on we are going bla blabla and you have 20 minutes to get ready. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.
Well until I hit that undulation (speed bump) in the road with my mom, I thought I knew it all. It isn’t easy when they hit that moment in time where they won’t go out. It isn’t always related to dementia, but in most cases it is related to some sort of fear, whether dementia related or medically connected to something else.

Incontinence (which is unknown to us) is a real show stopper and they don’t want to be far from their personal setting. They find all kinds of excuses for not leaving the house. A lot of times they are fearful of doctors, because a doctor may ‘find something wrong’ and then they might have to move.

This is definitely time to come up with a plan, because if they have prescriptions to take, the doctors will not re-prescribe those meds if they don’t see the senior for a wellness check within one year.

There are doctors, who do house calls, (yea, like the old days) and this could be part of a care plan. You can talk to your parents, or loved one about the need to keep current with medications and that it is best to see a doctor so that serious things don’t happen. This is definitely a time to be evaluated and come up with a care plan.


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