The “Nesting” Syndrome

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Ten Signs It’s time for your aging loved one to be evaluated for additional care needs.

#4 – The Nesting syndrome

Have you ever tried to ‘help’ mom or dad clean up or tidy their living space and heard, ‘no, don’t move that, I need it’? Have you looked at their living space recently? Is everything piling up? Do you see things beginning to surround mom or dad in one spot? Look around, where do they spend most of their time. Kitchen, den, bedroom, where ever you see clutter, you will probably see this is where they spend most of their time.

If you go to your loved ones home and see bills and ‘junk mail’ piling up, and you try to remove it and hear what I just said, they are nesting. Some call it hoarding, but whatever you call it, it can be a sign of many things. We don’t want to push our will on our family, and we don’t want to label them with dementia without knowing for sure what is going on. But, when they are not looking take a look at the piles of mail and papers etc. You may find that there are unpaid bills, which is definitely of concern. You may find that they have been purchasing things on line or from door to door sales people, which can also be of concern.

We don’t want them being taken advantage of by strangers, and we don’t want vital things being turned off. Lights, heat and phone bills can go unnoticed for months. Then all of a suddenyou get a call from your mom or dad saying something like this “Is there a power outage? My lights just went out.”

I can laugh now, but this actually happened to me. When I called the power company I found out the bill was 3 months past due. This is when I took over the bill paying. I have worked ‘silently’ behind the scenes, at my mom’s house for years. Between my sister and me, we kept up on everything using our stealth abilities. One kept her busy while the other roamed the house looking for evidence and trash.
It isn’t easy but you really need to stay on top of this. It is time to get a plan in place.

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