The “Stressed Out Caregiver” Syndrome

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Ten Signs It’s time for your aging loved one to be evaluated for Advanced Care Options.

#10 – The “Stressed Out Caregiver” Syndrome

Stressed out? Feeling tired all the time? Not eating properly? Does your family say you are gone too much? Are you not sleeping properly, tossing and turning a lot? Well, these are all signs of Caregiver burnout.

It is these signs that also indicate it might be time to have your aging loved-one evaluated for advanced care options. Why? Well, if you are working yourself to the bone as their caregiver and have nothing left for yourself on the other end, you definitely need more help. Their care level could very well be well above what you physically, mentally, and emotionally can manage.

If you deplete yourself, you are more apt to get hurt, breakdown, and possibly even accidentally hurt the senior. If you are I’ll, hurt, or emotionally broken, what can you possibly have to give to your senior loved-one? Work smarter, not harder. Advanced care could mean having a caregiver come in a few days a week to help wth bathing, meal preparation, showering, or even just being there while you get some sleep or take a little time to go catch a movie. Advanced care could mean mom or dad goes into a lovely board and care or large assisted living community where they get all the care you were providing 24/7, allowing you to return back to the sane and healthy child you once were.

There are people out here to help you. This is the time to realize you cannot do it all! And, you should not be doing it alone! I know, I have firsthand knowledge of how hard it is. I am in the business and I thought I could do it ALL. Well guess what, I couldn’t and I reached out and got help, the help I suggest to all my clients.
Granted I did it for a while, years in fact, but when it really felt like I was going to implode, I did, with a little help from my team, get the much needed help we all need.

If I had to do it again, I would reach out much sooner. So please heed what I say. It is never too early to discuss a care plan. It is never good to wait until a crisis arises. Someone could get hurt. We want our seniors to be safe and have every advantage available to them. So please call. We are here to help.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and that maybe it has helped you with that step toward developing a better, safer, and more effective plan for you and your senior loved-one.


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