What is a Written Care Plan?

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What is a Written Care Plan?

A written care plan is something that speaks for you in case you can’t speak for yourself one day. It guides, the people, who may have to make decisions someday so that you don’t have to be afraid of where or how your last days are going to be spent.

It is a ‘map’ if you will, about your desires for your future care, based on your abilities to perform activities of daily living, our financial ability to pay, and where you want to be cared for.

Part of a written care plan begins with knowing the needs of the senior, or if the plan is for yourself, anticipating what your needs might be down the road.  It is important to take all things into consideration, like physical abilities and or deficits, medical conditions, if there is a disease involved, knowing what to expect when it worsens.

This map tells your family where you want to live, how you want to be cared for, and how you are going to afford this care. Your family will be able to follow your map and provide the environment ‘you choose’ when you are no longer able to provide for your own personal needs.

A geriatric care manager can assist the senior with these choices,based on, the criteria explained here, and help you with choosing the right path.
Sometimes there are financial constraints, where you need to find extra funds, a geriatric care manager has options and will share them with you. They also know the senior community, and what is available.

A care plan is your tool to be where you want to be in your golden years, creating a peaceful transition into your new life, one which you have made during a time when you are carefree and able to make those decisions, rather than having a loved one make decisions during a crisis.
It is your wishes, in your words, for all of the professionals to see and follow. You are the boss of your own destiny.

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