What is Long-term Care insurance?

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L.T.C. Insurance, What is this?

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is a valuable thing to have. Most you haven’t heard about it before. We all have heard of Home Owners, Automobile, Life, and Health Insurance… I can go on and on.

But you probably are thinking ‘what’ I have Medicare or Kaiser or some other sort of insurance. Nope this isn’t going to help you if you need daily help.

Simply put, it is the only insurance that will pay for your daily care, either at home, in an assisted living facility or a board and care. This insurance takes over when Medicare no longer feels you are at risk and need ‘medical care’ but you merely need help with activities of daily living to stay safe.

Most people think Medicare will provide a home care aid to assist at home, and although they do for a VERY short time, it is only while Home Health is coming to your home. Once they no longer need to look out for your medical needs, you are on your own, or family has to assist.

Long Term Care will pay for someone to come into your home to cook and clean and assist you with all of your ‘activities of daily living’ when you can no longer to them safely. Or it will provide funds to move to a community based home setting if your home is no longer safe.

The rates vary from policy to policy, and depend upon your age, and your medical history… but you should talk with a professional in the field. I know enough to be dangerous, and then I turn you over to the pros.
For more information please email me and I would be happy to answer your questions.

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