When Senior Parents are being Difficult.

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I don’t know how many clients I have had that complained about how difficult it was to get their parent to listen and work with them about their aging issues. It has been way too many! I had two on the same day this week.

Each family swore up and down my team could not get through to their mother. They had in fact thrown their hands up and we’re ready to walk away from the situation of caring for their parent because of how difficult the situation had become. They had taken it for too many years. Well, I would you could have been a fly on the wall as myself and my team talked to the senior. It went smooth as butter. Heck, we were even amazed at how well both meetings went. The kids were amazed.

I’m just saying, when you bring a trained professional in that is truly compassion and respectful to the senior, they seem to turn around. They feel ok acting rebellious to their children, but not to the 3rd party. Everything changes, they begin to listen, and things can begin to turn around for the better. I’m not saying it works everytime, but most of the time it has for me. For more info on how to work with your senior parents that is being difficult to care for, call on the askjaynie.com team.

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